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Mitigate the risk of your pre seed SaaS investments

Preseed investments are risky. What if there was a way to improve the chances of success from 10% to 40%? That’s Koridor. We work with your non-technical SaaS founders to deliver working MVPs in 6 months or less – and coach them on how to avoid most first-time founder mistakes. 

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Deploy Capital

Spread your capital across more startups by writing smaller checks.


 Founders launch MVPs in 6 months - with capital leftover for sales & marketing

Predictive Cash Flow

Fixed pricing and timelines means founders (and you) can plan their runway with confidence.

The non-technical founder problem

The gap between non-technical founders and technical founders has caused a surge in unsuccessful startups. 


Of startups fail in their first year due to the product development process. 


Of startups fail because they run out of money, user-unfriendly products, poor marketing, and product mistiming. 


Of startups failed because of team issues

Only 1 of 10 startups have a chance. We can raise that up to 4.


Launch your MVP in 6 months

We specialize in rapid development for startups. Our platform and years of experience in the industry means we don’t just get the job done fast - we get it done right.


Write smaller checks, but expect big results

Our pricing model means you can stretch your capital across more startups, but still expect the same quality of traditional engineering teams.


Mitigate first-time founder mistakes

Every founder is unique, but the mistakes they make are often the same. Our team helps first-time founders to navigate the most common pitfalls of launching a SaaS product like market validation and building an impactful product roadmap.


Deploy capital with confidence

Fixed prices and guaranteed timelines means your founders can plan their runway with confidence. Launch the MVP with capital still leftover to take the product to market.


Have an idea, but not sure where to start? We break down everything startup founders need to successfully build their startup and secure their first round of funding.

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Mitigate the risk of your pre seed SaaS investments

Learn how our team can support your idea stage founders and increase your chances their startup succeeds.

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