We focus on your success, not just the code

We combine rapid development with deep industry expertise. Starting day one you have a full product team - from developers to product managers - committed to the success of your business.

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Design & Architecture

Rapid Development

Project Management


Post Launch



Launch your product in 4 months, with capital left over for sales and marketing


Put your software into the hands of real users.


With a validated software, you'll be well positioned for funding from investors.


Your post-launch technical partner

What if a competitor launches a new feature? Maybe there’s been a change in your industry and you need to add compliance?

After you launch your product, the reality is that you will have to adapt quickly – and often. That’s why we include a subscription service for all our clients. For a fixed-monthly cost, we manage your product, so you can stay focused on growing your business.

Iterative product

Make major changes without huge development fees

Feel confident that your product can adapt to the market as you learn new insights about your customers and competitors.

Predictable Cash Flow

Keep your runway in check with low, predictable overhead costs

Say good-bye to the stress of fluctuating costs when using vendors and high overhead when using an inhouse team.

Full Cycle Team

Access to an entire team for less than one inhouse employee

Have the flexibility to focus on your most profitable product iterations with an enterprise-grade team – from a fractional CTO and PMO to product designers and engineers.

Fast, bug-free changes

Our team knows your code inside-and-out

Never worry about pushing an update only to have a bug derail the experience of your users. Our platform and QA processes enable us to reliably push bug-free code quickly.


Have an idea, but not sure where to start? We break down everything startup founders need to successfully build their startup and secure their first round of funding.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What's the difference between an MVP development agency and a dev shop?
We specialize in rapid development for startups. Our Platform and years of experience in the industry means we don’t just get the software done fast - we focus on your entire business so that it’s done right.
How long does it take to build an MVP?
We build MVPs in 3-5 months. Our platform allows us to release full scale MVPs faster than traditional development.
What tech stack do you guys use?
We utilize the latest technology, such as Node.js, and React, to develop your application.
Why do you charge a subscription fee?
We charge a subscription fee for two reasons: managing the predictive development process and hosting your application to ensure you are live at all times. The second reason is that we believe in being your partner, so we focus on providing continuous support to you and your team. Need an adjustment? No problem. Need something moved around? No problem. Think of us as an extension of your team, ready to work with you. Software is always changing, and with all the updates on different platforms, we must also push updates. It is never done with software.
What if we want to get off your platform?
You can leave our platform at any time. All the data, designs, and system architecture is yours to keep. Everything critical about your business is always in your ownership. You can easily hire an in-house team and build the entire system in a few months. All the heavy lifting, system architecture, design, and data are already throughout and in perfect working condition. It would only take a junior developer to copy what we have made for you.

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Let’s get your idea off the ground so ghat you can start on your dream.
Time and money are no longer roadblocks when you work with Koridor.

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