Do You have an idea for a product but don't know where to start?

Koridor can help you build your product and get it to market. We're experts in product development and we want to help you succeed. With our fixed price and predictive development process, you'll be able to execute your idea without spending all of your funding on product development.

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Our goal is to help Founders start their SaaS with Confidence

Our program is perfect for founders who want to build a successful startup. You'll get access to a community of like-minded people, and our course will help you plan your product and business model. Plus, you'll be prepared for the challenges of starting a SaaS company.

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We want to eliminate the 2/3rds rule

The company was built on the foundation of helping startups get their product out to the market without having to spend their entire funding on product development.
2/3rd of startups fail before their product is even launched due to burnout, lack of product knowledge, lack of an experienced team, and an incredibly high burn rate to get the product to launch.

This is why Koridor has made sure that we become your product experts and help you develop your product at a fixed price with a predictive development process, giving the startup the power to execute their idea.
We want to eliminate the 2/3rds rule and give every entrepreneur the chance to succeed.

koridorks have heart

We believe in understanding and building with our clients

Koridor's Steps to Success

We help implement software in half the time of the traditional development model.

Koridor's benefits

how we deploy and manage hundreds of apps

Guaranteed Timeline

Due to our exceptionally short turnaround time, we provide a guaranteed timeline for each stage of development: planning and design, development, and implementation.

Koridor Saving

Fixed Pricing

With our flexible platform, we are able to set predictable and simple pricing models so that our clients can plan and budget with confidence and ease.

Collaboration Throughout

Sales teams are constantly looking for the next customer while project managers work to maintain customer expectations. Given this tight-knit relationship, they need to be fully integrated with one another.

APIs and Integrations

Our technology allows us to integrate with any other software or platforms. This allows us to be incredibly flexible in system design, and generate a singular source of truth function to help teams become more efficient and productive.

Insights and Analytics

Information needs to be live for teams to be efficient and effective. Manual data entry is not working with the most up-to-date information. This is why having truly live data is critical to all aspects of an organization.

Trust within Teams

There is a breakdown of information as it flows between teams, which makes trusting one another difficult. As teams grow, there are more and more information gaps between them.  Having integrated data ensures that trust is maintained.

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