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Build your MVP faster and more affordably than with a traditional development model and without a technical co-founder.

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Startup success is everything

We want to eliminate the 2/3rds rule

Koridor was built on the foundation of helping startups get their product out to the market without having to spend their entire funding on product development. 

2/3rd of startups fail before their product is even launched. Many factors play into the 2/3rd rule, but from our experience, first-time founders need more team, knowledge, and expertise to develop a winning product. This causes them to burn their entire cash flow on development, leaving them anxious and ill-prepared for a product launch.

This is why Koridor has made it its mission to become your product experts. We help you develop your product at a fixed price with a predictive development process giving your startup the power to execute your idea.

We want to eliminate the 2/3rds rule and give every entrepreneur the chance for success.

Koridor advantage
Traditional development
Launching of MVP
Full featured MVP, built with UX/UI best practices in 6 months or less.
Scope creep and unknown roadblocks lead to extended timelines and more money than expected.
Predictive cashflow gives you piece of mind and no unexpected delays, all while not needing to manage a team.
You budgeted for $X, but find yourself running out of cash faster than originally planned, you're on the hook.
Development Team
Fully staffed development, QA and product team for a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house or agency teams.
Limited by enough cash to hire a couple engineers and maybe one contractor designer.
Results & Expectations
MVP launched with the entire feature set that will help solve the core pain of your target audience.
MVP launched with half the expected features due to budget and time constraints.
Coaching & Guidance
Industry veterans coaching and guiding you from product design to launch.
⅔ of startup fail before they even get their product to market, the traditional model is broken.
Average Cost Associated
Our pricing is fixed, and averages $90,000 per project.
An in-house team can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $300,000 with equity. And Agencies start anywhere around $150,000 to $500,000 and billed on an hourly basis.

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