we believe our team is the heart of our organization

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Creating a culture that is brilliant, hard-working, and devoted, while also being fun, energetic, and innovative has taken significant commitment. And we intend to continue this commitment. At Koridor, we spare no expense when it comes to our culture.

koridorks have heart

We believe and bet on heart

What We Value

All Koridorks share the same HEART. We live by these values each and every day.

Koridork's benefits

How Koridor likes to protect its heart

Opportunity for Growth

We are constantly growing at Koridor, so you will have the opportunity to grow with us! At Koridor, you will grow personally, professionally, and make an impact.

Equity Options

Because you are entrusting yourself to Koridor, we have equity options for those Koridorks that live and breathe our culture and values.

Health Benefits

We at Koridor love to take things a bit farther than anyone else... it's in our DNA after all. That's why we have a very comprehensive health benefits package for our team, not just health insurance.

Unlimited Vacations

And this one we actually mean! Not that we offer it and then give you so much work that you can't take advantage of the benefit. To show you how serious we are... we also include flight benefits.

Personal Allowances

We have a ton of personal allowances for our team because we believe a strong team is only as good as each individual member, which is why we invest in you and your lifestyle.

So Much More

At Koridor, we have one of the most comprehensive benefits programs. We believe in investing in our team, we really do mean our team is the beating heart of the organization.

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