Bootstrap your SaaS product from idea to revenue

We help startup founders design, build, and grow their product – without breaking the bank. Do we code? Of course we do. But we do so much more than that. We’re focused on your business, not just the code. Our team of startup veterans coach you from idea to revenue.

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Launch your product in 6 months, with capital leftover for sales and marketing.


Put your software into the hands of real users. Get the insights you need to iterate and grow.

raise funds

With a validated software, you’ll be well positioned for funding from investors.


Launch your product in 4 months, with capital left over for sales and marketing


Put your software into the hands of real users.


With a validated software, you'll be well positioned for funding from investors.


Launch your MVP in 6 months

We specialize in rapid development for startups. Our platform and years of experience in the industry means we don’t just get the job done fast - we get it done right.


Prove your concept without blowing your budget

Fixed prices and guaranteed timelines means you can plan your runway with confidence. Get your MVP to market – and still have capital leftover to take your product to market.

Your Post-Launch Team

Grow your startup with the Koridor team

Launching your product is just the first step to building a successful startup. With our subscription pricing model, we stay on as your technical team to regularly maintain and make adjustments.

Product Consulting

We focus on your success, not just the code

We bridge the gap between building great software and a winning product strategy. Our team coaches you everything from how to define your market to building an impactful product road map.


Have an idea, but not sure where to start? We break down everything startup founders need to successfully build their startup and secure their first round of funding.

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