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Speed up, take risks, and get unstuck

We help early-stage B2B startups build a product strategy that not only unlocks revenue and navigates technical debt, but upskills your team in the process.

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Launch your product in 4 months, with capital left over for sales and marketing


Put your software into the hands of real users.


With a validated software, you'll be well positioned for funding from investors.


Your post-launch technical partner

What if a competitor launches a new feature? Maybe there’s been a change in your industry and you need to add compliance?

After you launch your product, the reality is that you will have to adapt quickly – and often. That’s why we include a subscription service for all our clients. For a fixed-monthly cost, we manage your product, so you can stay focused on growing your business.

Your Fractional Product Team

From strategy down to execution, we jump in where we're needed most. No fluff, just results.

Speed up product velocity

Get a clear vision on what you need to build, for whom, and how you’re going to get there.

Reduce churn and increase LTV

Design and build a software your users don’t just love, but rave about; transforming churn into organic growth.

Navigate technical debt

Our team works with both product and engineering to deliver a product strategy that can be executed fast.

Human-centric UI/UX

Great design doesn’t just look good, it ensures your users discover value and come back again-and-again.

Turn new features into revenue

Unlock new revenue by prioritizing the right features into a roadmap and designing solutions based on market feedback.

Craft a product narrative that sells

A great product isn’t enough if no one understands it. Translate your product into a compelling narrative that converts prospects into customers. 

Why Koridor

A different kind of product agency.

Get  Results

Our goal is to find the fastest path to success before diving into execution. This means taking the time to deeply understand your team, your customers, and your product before we jump into action.

first principle thinking

Standard playbooks don't work for everyone. We take a step back to find the most efficient solution to your problem - even if it's unconventional.

part of your team

We have a team of designers, product managers, product marketers, and leadership. We offer flexible services that fit into your existing team and workflows.

Exceptional design

We deliver design that is based on product strategy, navigates technical debt, and puts your users in the driver seat. And after all of that - we make it beautiful.

Silicon valley Quality

We curate which projects we take on and how many because we want to make sure we can deliver the highest quality.

agile methodology

We like to move fast and operate using sprints. We constantly challenge if we (and you) can do things faster.

One Team. One Brief. One Objective

How we work.

Discovery & research

We spend the first month learning about your team, your customers, your market, and your product. This is where we identify product roadmap opportunities and overall priorities of our engagement to help you unlock new revenue.

UI/ UX Design

After research, we rapidly build designs through an iterative process that revolves around user feedback and technical stack feasibility.

Product management

Now it's time to launch product sprints. We work alongside your team to execute the product strategy as quickly as possible. This may be solely consulting or we'll roll up our sleeves and get the work done with you.

Product marketing

If you build it, they will not come. A great product needs a story, a hero (ie. your buyers), and a way to reach them. We offer product marketing consulting and support to make sure your product roll out reaches the right audience with the right message.
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Sam, Founder
Lux Markets
“A gamble that literally paid itself off in four weeks by automating 70% of what I was doing manually.”


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