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We cofound and fund companies

Koridor Venture Studio brings ideas, capital, resources, and talent together – partnering with non-technical founders to take great ideas and build them into great companies.


Why Koridor Ventures Studios

A different kind of co-founder.

Unfair advantage

We offer our founders an unfair advantage with our extensive network, years of startup experience, and a methodology that focuses strategy over tactics.

Focus on building

Think of us like your inhouse founding team. Meaning you can focus on what you do best, while we handle the rest.

You’re not alone

We take a hands-on approach to build our founders up. We give you access to our entire team and connect you with our network of investors to help you raise your seed and series A rounds.


Launch your product in 4 months, with capital left over for sales and marketing


Put your software into the hands of real users.


With a validated software, you'll be well positioned for funding from investors.

Our methodology

Our approach to building startups breaks with tradition - in the best way possible. We deliver great quality products fast and consistently keep operating costs low.

Case study

From idea to revenue in 6 months

Walli HR is a software that uses an AI copilot to make HR easier and faster.

Company: Walli HR
Investment: $150K

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Who we work with










“Typically you can either get cheap and fast, but then you sacrifice quality. Whereas I feel like Koridor has really done a great job and Sepher’s team  actually can deliver all three things - fast, affordable, and great quality.”
Brad Hardy, Angel Investor
“My experience has been wonderful. They captured exactly what we wanted and they did it in the timeframe that we needed them to do it. They really value our needs; they really do.”
Cindy Sim, Founder @ Team CarePal
“I didn’t know it could be done this fast and this well. Having a CTO, product manager and development team bundled into one package for less than any other competitor has been able to completely save our projects.”
Tammy Amstutz, Operations + People @ Highbar

Let’s build something exceptional together

Every startup’s journey is different. Tell us how we can help.