Walli HR
Human Resources, AI
Walli is an HR software that uses an AI copilot to make HR easier and faster by automating repetitive tasks. Their mission is to help leaders focus more on their people, not HR paperwork.

Walli HR is the first portfolio company of Koridor Venture Studio.

Koridor Venture Studio

Walli HR is the first portfolio company of Koridor Venture Studio. We built this startup in house from idea to revenue in 6 months. Using our unique methodology we rapidly identified and validated a market opportunity, raised capital and launched our MVP.

“I worked with [the Koridor team] already on another project. I saw the way they were able to pivot, execute, and really deliver a great product. And not only on time and in a much faster way than a typical developer, but at a reduced cost. Typically you can either get cheap and fast, but then you sacrifice quality. Whereas I feel like Koridor has really done a great job and Sepher’s team  actually can deliver all three things - fast, affordable, and great quality.”

Brad Hardy, Angel Investor

Early traction

By Oct 2023, only 3 month after we launched the Walli HR MVP, we've already sold to 6 customers, which translates into 90 users being onboarded over 3 months.

Furthermore, we've successfully launched our go-to-market strategy that is generating a healthy pipeline of new leads.

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