Team CarePal
Team Carepal is a startup that aims to revolutionize and transform the role of family caregivers. With millions of unpaid family caregivers across Canada facing burnout, financial insecurity, and depression, Team Carepal saw the need to support and empower these caregivers.

Why Team Carepal chose Koridor

Team CarePal’s Chief Product Officer, Paisley Churchill took part in a workshop run by Koridor. She found their approach and expertise promising. After researching and meeting with the Koridor team, Cindy decided to switch app developers. Koridor understood the problems faced by caregivers and shared Carepal's passion for addressing these challenges. They were quick, efficient, and delivered on their promises.

“They were really fast, they knew exactly what we needed, and they solved my problems instantly. They made some big promises, so I was really scared, but they came through; but they all came through. And I'm just so happy.”

Cindy Sim, Founder, Team CarePal

The results

According to Cindy, the beta prototype developed by Koridor was remarkable. It met Team Carepal's requirements and launched within the desired timeframe. Koridor valued Carepal's needs, made them a priority, and maintained effective communication throughout the process. The partnership allowed Team Carepal to showcase their product and fulfill their promises to their network, leading to increased credibility and excitement about the project.

“My experience has been wonderful. The beta prototype that they produced for us has been remarkable. They captured exactly what we wanted and they did it in the timeframe that we needed them to do it. And yeah, they really value our needs. They really do.”

- Cindy Sim, Founder, Team CarePal

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