Lux Markets
Retail, Data & Analytics
Lux Markets is a data & analytics platform that caters to emerging local consumer packaged brands. Lux Markets showcases these brands in settings like luxury apartment buildings, country clubs, and corporate offices; complete with red carpet, cocktails, and exclusive shopping experiences. Brands are then provided insights centred around consumer shopping behaviour from these events; equipping them with the data they need to scale and expand into larger retail accounts.

Why Lux Markets chose Koridor

During this time, Sam also met the Koridor Team at an event in Austin, TX. Impressed by their expertise and experience working with various entrepreneurs and startups, Sam felt a growing sense of trust and rapport with the Koridor team. Having had negative experiences in the past with other development companies, Sam appreciated Koridor's strong communication and competitive pricing.

“So if we're looking at other companies that I worked with, like Airdev, for example, they were not as communicative and they were extremely pricey. With Air Dev, you're looking at like $1,200 bucks a day. If you’re working with founders that are just in startup mode and bootstrapped – they can't take that.”

- Sam Lillie, Founder, Lux Markets

The process

The development process involved breaking down the project into milestones and utilizing communication channels such as Slack. The open and frequent communication provided Sam with a clear understanding of the progress and ensured that the project was moving forward effectively. 

“Koridor had much greater communication than the previous agencies I worked with, which allowed me to feel like the wheels weren't just spinning and going nowhere. I actually felt like there was more progress and I was aware along the way. And part of that is because they've done a lot of projects. They worked on a lot of people, from serial entrepreneurs to first time founders, so they understand the communication aspect where I think other other companies may not.”

- Sam Lillie, Founder, Lux Markets

Cashflow positive within 4 weeks

The gamble of partnering with Koridor paid off. Within just four weeks, Lux Markets became cash flow positive, demonstrating the success of the platform and the fruitful collaboration with Koridor. Sam's decision to build the platform using bootstrapped resources and the reliable partnership with Koridor laid a solid foundation for future growth.

“A gamble that literally paid itself off in four weeks by automating 70% of what I was doing manually.”

- Sam Lillie, Founder, Lux Markets

Plans to scale

Lux Markets is now in a position to scale, which he wouldn’t have been able to without his platform.

“As a founder who's had previous companies and who's worked with several development companies in the past, I've found Koridor to be very communicative and transparent with their development strategies and style. And they've been fantastic when it comes to pricing. I haven't found anything that has been able to beat them, especially on price and quality, which is not something you often get. And if there's ever been any issues, they've always been really quick to fix them, communicate, communicate quickly about those issues and why they're happening, which is fantastic, and then get them fixed and shipped almost immediately. And those combinations have been truly a linchpin for us to grow and actually scale out our company.”

- Sam Lillie, Founder, Lux Markets

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