Client Testimonial: Solutions for Startup Founders

August 3, 2022

Lindsay Collison Client Testimonial: Solutions for Startup Founders

Who are you and what is your role?

I’m Lindsay and I am currently a teacher. I started a platform to provide accessible education for all students, first Canadian and then North American wide, and it is going to focus on following the curriculum. 

What problem(s) did you face before working with us and using our service?

The problem I faced before working with Koridor was that I didn't really know where to start as this was my first time developing a SaaS specific startup company. Koridor helped me find solutions by giving me a roadmap with a starting and an endpoint. 

What results did you achieve by using our services?

The biggest result I achieved was just getting my company started and off the ground, and the idea up and running. Koridor added value in my journey by giving me constant feedback as a sounding board that I could go to anytime I needed advice.

Why did you choose Koridor?

I chose to work with Koridor because it started from a friendship with a Koridork, but it quickly became apparent that the whole team was wonderful to work with. Koridor was  available and accessible whenever I needed them and they always met my timelines.  

What made our company a good fit for you? 

Koridor is a good fit for me because of how dynamic everyone that works there is. I feel like it’s really easy to get along with everyone on the team and it’s sound advice that you receive from each of them. I trust everyone that works there. 

What’s one story of success that wouldn’t have been possible without our service? 

A moment that wouldn't have happened for me with Koridor was having the opportunity to present my pitch to investors at their networking event + non-tyechnical founders workshop. I think the connections that this company has helped me form has really taken my company to a new level. 

What about our business surprised you the most?  

I think the part of the business that surprised me most was how personable everybody is there. I feel like I’m dealing with friends and not just a company, the relationship is really strong! 

Who would be an ideal to work with Koridor? 

I think any startup company would be an ideal fit for the services of Koridor because they are so flexible and are really eager to meet the needs of each individual company they are involved with.  

Would you recommend us to others? (and why?)

I would absolutely recommend Koridor to others! The relationship that you form with the employees at Koridor makes you feel at home and it's definitely a team dynamic. I really appreciate any of the advice that I have gotten from anyone on the team, and can’t wait to see where we take my platform. 

We’d be happy to chat with you about it if you would like to book a no pressure discovery call here, and one of our Koridorks will get back to you ASAP. 

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