Manpower AB Case Study

May 31, 2022


How Manpower AB used Koridor’s PaaS (Platform as a Service) to drive their efficiency and cause revenue to skyrocket!


Manpower AB was awarded a project from Alberta Health Services (AHS) to hire and manage over 1,300 Comfort Care Aids (CCAs) for a duration of 6 months. This special project with AHS was a massive logistical challenge to find, hire, manage, and process such a significant number of people in an extremely short period of time. 

The Manpower team grew overnight by 50 internal team members from Project Managers to recruiters and compliance employees. Manpower had no special systems in place for such large-scale recruiting in a short period of time. They used Excel, Sharepoint and manual processes to hire and place a CCA into one of AHS’s sites. 

This caused major delays and a massive backlog in their recruitment efforts. There were many hiring inefficiencies because of lack of information, accessibility, and manual processes. 

“Koridor improved our operational efficiency by 300%. They integrated our systems and workflows, and gave our team the data they needed to make quick decisions. Because of Koridor, we were able to reduce our human capital by 50% and increased our profits by 4 times.” - Ahmed Borhot Director, Workforce Solutions

Problem Statement 

Manpower struggled to keep up with the volume of the project. Prior to Koridor, the project had capped at only 350 CCAs on-site. The time sheets were processed manually which caused delays in pay for the CCAs and massive backlogs for the finance team. The Manpower team also continuously struggled maintaining their Excel sheets to create a single point of truth in their information, causing major delays in relaying the proper performance measurements that AHS was requiring

Koridor Approach 

  1. Reduced Operational Costs: While working with Manpower’s team, we at Koridor realized that there were a significant amount of inefficiencies within the team’s processes and workflows. The most significant examples included paper time sheets for AHS sites, and a lack of information for recruiters to know which areas and locations they should be focusing their attention on. 

  1. Increased Teams’ Capacity: At Koridor, we develop tools that make sense for teams, not for developers. This is why in our design sprint approach we are able to maintain flexibility in our system design and to build our systems for the teams that are going to be using them. We do not believe in the one-shoe-fits-all model. We believe every team is different, which is why we seek out the best way to unleash teams and their potential.

  1. Speed is Essential to Success: This project with Manpower had a total duration of 6 months. Due to our PaaS, we were able to implement our software and deploy it within one month. We were able to create, deploy, and manage their software with minimal impact on their team.


300% Increased in CCAs - Placed 3 times more CCAs. 400% Profit Increase - This was a volume-based project. 60% Reduction in Staff - Reduced internal team from 50 to 20 people


Manpower AB was approached with a massive undertaking for Alberta Health Services that came with overwhelming challenges. Such demanding recruitment requirements and strict timelines required Manpower’s teams to operate with extreme levels of efficiency. In only one month, Koridor developed the tools they needed to make this a reality. 

With seamless implementation and integration, Koridor’s solutions allowed Manpower’s teams to get the most out of the resources they already had, significantly reducing their need to hire more staff. By developing the tools that catered specifically to Manpower’s needs, we presented them with a solution that was focussed, effective, and cost-conscious. 

At Koridor, we measure success by the success of our clients.

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Manpower AB Case Study
MANPOWER AB CASE STUDY: How Manpower AB used Koridor’s PaaS (Platform as a Service) to drive their efficiency and cause revenue to skyrocket!
May 31, 2022
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