Delivering Great Customer Success with Software: 3 Steps to Customer Success Strategy

February 21, 2019

Delivering Great Customer Success with Software: 3 Steps to Customer Success Strategy

When it comes to delivering great customer success with software, empathy is key. Too often, we as entrepreneurs and developers forget that not everyone is as versed in technology as we are. We build systems and solutions without taking into account the fact that some of our clients may be new to this world.

That's why it's important to show empathy in three ways: understanding your client's goals, giving them the tools they need, and communication being everything. These are the golden rules for you and your customer success team to manage expectations and to really drive success for your customer success.

Understanding the Goal

The first step is to have an engaging dialogue with your customer in order to understand what their goals are when using your platform. This engagement allows you to understand what the customer deems as a successful use case for the software. After you get an idea of what their intentions are, you need to then show them and guide them on what is possible through your software.

Clients at the end of the day only know what they know, so you have to guide them and understand that not everyone does the research correctly. Therefore, never assume a customer knows something. This is where having an engaging dialogue with your customer comes in handy because it allows you to get on the same page from jump street.

Giving Them the Tools They Need

The second step is to give them the tools they need in order to be successful. This means providing documentation, support, and anything else that will help them on their journey. It's important to remember that not everyone learns in the same way, so having different forms of documentation (videos, screenshots, articles, etc.) is important. And always be available to answer any questions they may have along the way - whether that's through email, phone, or live chat.

You also want to engage in developing SMART goals for your customers. By designing a plan to achieve these goals, you will ensure the success of your customer. In a lot of cases, you or your customer success team do not have the time or ability to develop SMART goals or have the time to create plans in achieving each customer's goals. This is why it is critical to really know your customer when building best practices for customer success. You have to truly understand your customers and why they are choosing to work with your platform. Once you do, you can distill actionable items and goals that a majority of your ideal customer base needs to achieve in order to feel fulfilled in using your software.

Communication Being Everything

Finally, communication is key. This means over-communicating when it comes to updates, changes, and anything else that might impact their use of the software. It's always better to err on the side of caution and keep them in the loop, rather than have them be caught off guard by something that could have been easily avoided. At Koridor, we have a saying, there is no such thing as over-communication. And the reason we have that saying is that we believe people tend to make a lot of assumptions just to avoid communication. This is a fundamental breakdown when it comes to customer success strategies. Customer Success' single most important role is to keep and up sell the customer on your platform, and this cannot be done without communication.
By following these three steps - understanding your customer's goals, giving them the tools they need to be successful, and communicating with them effectively - you will set yourself up for success in driving great customer success. Software development is a process that is constantly changing and evolving, so it's important to always be learning and adapting your strategies. What worked yesterday might not work tomorrow, so it's important to stay ahead of the curve and keep your customers happy.

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