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What our community says

Saki Gonalez Founder | CEO at VEVICI
As a 3x Founder I find that Founders Academy is a great source for Startups in any space. They provide the community, services, products, and expertise needed at any stage of development from concept to inception to execution and beyond. The information provided is of great value, and presented in a user friendly way that is engaging and productive. I recommend you join the Founders Academy even if you're only at the idea stage, as they know how to turn your thoughts into a tangible plan for success. 
Paisley Churchill, Chief Product Officer, Team CarePal
This course covers all the important aspects of formalizing your idea and making it actionable. I absolutely think every founder should take this course to better understand the problem they are trying to solve and how their product addresses it. When you are building software it’s so easy to get distracted from the main objective you’re trying to achieve and waste time and resources on things that don’t matter.
Colton Hamm, CEO & Founder, RV Living
Having the idea is easy, it’s the execution that’s the hardest part. This course helped me understand and streamline my idea and really helped me get a grasp for how to approach my product development. Seppy just turned everything I thought I knew upside down.
Tammy Okubo, Co-Founder, Binster
This workshop was the highest value time spent over the last couple of years working on our startup. The class content, delivery, and engaging exercises ensure you leave with a solid foundational understanding to build a valuable business efficiently. The Koridor team's advice and engagement throughout and after the workshop has been incredibly valuable to our team. We finally have a clear vision of what our most viable path forward is. My only wish is that we had found this workshop earlier in our process! Even if you're just penciling out some potential ideas, taking this workshop now really helps you to frame out what's truly important when you're starting this journey.