CRM solutions

A CRM Solution that is fully integrated into your entire business operation, giving you true insights into your customers.

Create more interactions and less distractions with your customers.

Imagine a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that is fully integrated with your entire business, everything from Proposals to Projects to Work Orders.

Manage your customers with a clear lens.

In order to communicate with a client effectively, you need to have all the information about the client. Our end-to-end integration allows you to see the client’s profile and have all the information you need.

Turn your customers into promoters.

Turning your customers into promoters is a challenge for any business but extremely valuable to any business if it is done, which is why CRM exists. Constant communication and having the right information available is the formula for creating great customer experience. Koridor helps you build engagement with customers and turning them into promoters.

Drive and capitalize your leads with better insight.

Understand the full picture of your CRM. With an integrated solution, you are given a comprehensive analysis of your organization, which gives you better insight into your customers and your leads. Leading to better decisions made quicker.

Visualize your leads and opportunities with clear data.

Achieve clarity on your first time customers through our CRM software. Get visual data on your lead status, your conversion rate, and performance based on your sales team.

Understand the past and be proactive with the future.

Businesses cannot improve their operations unless they understand their past. Koridor CRM helps you learn about your customers using powerful analytics. Used in conjunction with other business tools, you become more proactive with your customers.


Imagine all of your tools integrated to help you with more insight.


Remove all your discrepancies by using a single platform.


Eliminate miscommunication by having all your information on a single platform.


Take your work orders on the road and increase connectivity.


 Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is a crucial part of any business. Watch your business grow as you reach your top customers by predicting their behaviour.


 Resource Planning

Resource management is a challenging task for a growing business. Eliminate communication errors with detailed work orders. Receive regular updates on tasks at hand.


Project Management


Project Management is where the project pieces come together. Use this tool to establish clear communication that focuses on the tasks at hand.


Sales & Proposals


Create strong and meaningful proposals by working with a quot­ing system that is easy to design, propose and accept.  Leave traditional software behind, by showing off your potential to the marketplace with Koridor proposals. 


 Inventory Management


Create an inventory manage­ment system through automation and coordination with other business processes, including proposals. Manage your inventory instead of just counting it.


 Complete Reporting


Bring together different data through accurate reporting, allowing you to to interpret the various activities of your firm. Gain insight into your decision making by establishing clarity in your reporting.

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