Project Management

Imagine a true Project Management Software that truly integrates your entire workflow, allowing you to collaborate and communicate.

To be more productive you need to have all the tools.

The integrated business solution that uses all of tools that you will need to manage your projects.

A true Project management tool that is more than just a To-Do list.

Project Management is not just about assigning tasks to your team members. It is about the entire scope from start to finish, and you need all the tools in between to be able to manage projects efficiently. Unlock your project’s potential and integrate your entire business together.

Gain full clarity on the entire project by having everything come together and fit.

Clarity over a project is critical to any project manager. Managing your tasks is only a small aspect of the job, you also need to coordinate your inventory, understand your project, communicate with your entire team, and respond to projects with live information. Everything live on a single platform with information that you do not need to enter twice.

No more double entry, everything in one place and automated.

Spend more time on the important things rather than repetitive entry tasks. Time is a rare commodity for Project Managers, so seek out a system that gives you live feedback on projects and automates your time consuming tasks such as time tracking, inventory tracking, work order tracking, and financial management. It’s all automated and on a single platform.

Streamline your workflow to support, manage, and track.

Simplify your workflow to help your team drive the project forward. Manage your tasks, inventory, and costs to assess project health. Gain clarity in the process. Track your team to maintain collaboration and communication all on a single platform.

Simplify the planning so you have more time to manage.

Create a task template so that you can make planning simple for your projects. Get your projects up and running efficiently with our project initiation process. Help project managers plan proactively by understanding the entire scope. Use the time saved to focus on the important things.


Imagine all of your tools integrated to help you with more insight.


Collaborate with the entire team, not just who’s on the platform.


Spend more time being productive than re-entering information.


Gain clarity of the entire project to deliver robust projects time and again.


 Customer Relationship Management


Customer Relationship Management is a crucial part of any business. Watch your business grow as you reach your top customers by predicting their behaviour.


Resource Planning​

Resource management is a challenging task for a growing business. Eliminate communication errors with detailed work orders. Receive regular updates on tasks at hand.


Project Management​


Project Management is where the project pieces come together. Use this tool to establish clear communication that focuses on the tasks at hand.


Sales & Proposals

Create strong and meaningful proposals by working with a quot­ing system that is easy to design, propose and accept.  Leave traditional software behind, by showing off your potential to the marketplace with Koridor proposals.


Inventory Management

Create an inventory manage­ment system through automation and coordination with other business processes, including proposals. Manage your inventory instead of just counting it.


Complete Reporting

Bring together different data through accurate reporting, allowing you to to interpret the various activities of your firm. Gain insight into your decision making by establishing clarity in your reporting.

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