Inventory Management

An integrated inventory management software that saves you time through the consolidation of all the information.

Take control of your inventory.

Say goodbye to miscommunication and double entry. Imagine a world where your inventory management system is actually integrated with your  business tools; all on a single platform. Now you have control over your inventory.

A solution that fits any situation, including back-ordering.

All businesses have different demands on their inventory systems. Therefore you should not be restricted from doing business in your unique way. You need an inventory system that will work with any part of your business and on that can adapt to your unique approach.

Optimize your inventory system with automation.

Inventory is a process that companies have been managing for centuries, and whether you are offering products or services, you are in the business of selling something. Shouldn’t there be an inventory management system that will automate your process by filling in the gaps so you don’t have to? Everything from automated Purchase Orders to Product Re-Order points.

Inventory creation is now easier with multi variance.

Spend less of your time creating multiple products with the same information. Using variants that can be customized for the product in a single place and create alterations such as color, size, or any other variations you want. Less confusion and more time to give you clarity over your inventory management system.

Inventory management for any size.

We have designed our inventory management software to be scalable, from a single offering to thousands. Giving you the power to manage your business and gaining insight and clarity to make better decisions faster.

Expiry Tracking

Track your inventory based on expiry whether it be spoilage or warranty based.


Imagine all of your tools integrated to help you with more insight.

Warehouse Management

Manage your locations and bins to quickly have access to your products.

Order Fulfillment

Manage your fulfillment with your phone from receiving to delivery.


 Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is a crucial part of any business. Watch your business grow as you reach your top customers by predicting their behaviour.


 Resource Planning

Resource management is a challenging task for a growing business. Eliminate communication errors with detailed work orders. Receive regular updates on tasks at hand.


Project Management


Project Management is where the project pieces come together. Use this tool to establish clear communication that focuses on the tasks at hand.


Sales & Proposals


Create strong and meaningful proposals by working with a quot­ing system that is easy to design, propose and accept.  Leave traditional software behind, by showing off your potential to the marketplace with Koridor proposals. 


 Inventory Management


Create an inventory manage­ment system through automation and coordination with other business processes, including proposals. Manage your inventory instead of just counting it.


 Complete Reporting


Bring together different data through accurate reporting, allowing you to to interpret the various activities of your firm. Gain insight into your decision making by establishing clarity in your reporting.

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