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We build custom web application solutions that help your business integrate operations, automate systems and unify your entire team at a fraction of the price with a North American-based team.


Reap the benefits of utilizing a customized software solution for your entire business.

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Greater productivity & profitability through seamless integration.

Finding good people is hard for any business to do, but giving those people the tools to do their jobs well and efficiently is more of a challenge for service companies around the world. Which is why, with Koridor, we have focused on giving your team the tools to do their jobs better and more efficiently than any other platform by seamlessly integrating all aspects of the business and not just sections. A truly all in on one stop shop software designed with you in mind.

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Helping your teams gain greater efficiency and organization.

Your ONE STOP solution where all your business tools can be unified in one for greater insight and operations.

We have been there, struggling to develop productivity and efficiency to better organize our projects. We know the feeling of spinning your wheels dealing with customers, your team, and never having the means to have the information you need at our finger tips. The frustrations of wasting time and effort in repetitive tasks that can be automated and save you time, time that can be used anywhere else in building or executing your strategy! This is why we have created Koridor, an ultimate software solution for the service industry trusted by many around the world.


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